The Grid

According to William Fox “The grid exercises authority over the space by applying a ruler to it in all senses of the word.” (2005,  p. 129). Within design grids and both aid and constrict the work being produced.

Joseff Müller-Brockmann, is widely associated with using grids within design, with them being clear to they eye within almost all of his work. “The desire to bring order to the bewildering confusion of appearances reflects a deep human need.”. Here Müller-Brockmann describes his theory that the human mind has a need to tidy and order, in this case through grids. Grids allow the mind to follow a path and make sense of where things are.

The correlation of grids and order goes way beyond graphic design; it can be seen within cities and architecture. New York City for example follows a grid, allowing the order of one street flowing to the next and a strict geographical order of where things are.

L′Unité d’Habitation oLe Corbusier′s 1952 housing block

Grids within architecture also create order. Le Corbusier Swiss-born French architect and creator of the house of Weissenhof had strong ideological opinions on the purpose and use of design. Le Corbusier believed that it should purify the messiness of everyday life.  He designed the Contemporary City, and two housing types, the Maison Monol and, more famously, the Maison Citrohan, which he also referred to as “the machine of living.” (Le Corbusier Biography,  2 April, 2014). He saw houses as a functional place to live above anything else. When looking at the above image it is clear to see he drew on the idea of grids to create order and functionality within his buildings. 


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