Beyond Google

The deep web can be simply defined as webpages and information which are password protected, or require a subscription to access. They are here being looked at as an alternative for Google while conducting academic research.

Using the deep web within a research capacity allows you to access more specialist and targeted sources of information, as well as databases of more reliable sources than you could often find using a Google search.

It is estimated that only 4% of the web is accessible through search engines like Google, whereas the deep web is said to be unmeasurable in size.

The deep web can be accessed through UAL Library Search, as explained by LCC subject librarian Monica Sajeva. By using the Library Search, you can search a collection of databases and password protected webpages in order to conduct more thorough and well rounded research.

Many sources you can access through the deep web not only offer reliable and deeper research, but many pages include key word searches, categories and tags as well as meta data and other forms of information. There is also relevant information to credit and reference the source; something you may struggle to find through a Google search.

Over all I find that the deep web and the Library Search are a much more efficient way to research and have allowed me to see the importance of expanding my research areas.


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